Forget Twilight: Priest has kick-ass vampires

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

In an era of movies about sparkly vampires and TV shows about dreamy teen vampires, it's refreshing to hear that the upcoming movie Priest, loosely based on a Korean comic series, will deal mainly with the kick-ass, bloodthirsty subset of the undead.

That's what Star Trek's Karl Urban told us Monday night at the DVD/Blu-ray release party in Los Angeles. Urban plays the film's villain, Black Hat, and said the movie deals with the war between humans and vampires that follows a vampire apocalypse.

"The film is set in a post-apocalyptic vampire world at the end of generations of war between vampires and humans," Urban said. "That's where this story takes place. I think that it's going to have some pretty dark moments in it, that's for sure. Dude, it's not Twilight. I do have fangs."

In terms of production value, Urban said that director Scott Stewart packed Priest with sci-fi atmosphere a la Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. "He shot this scene on the old Warner Brothers lot where they shot Blade Runner, and he really out-Ridleyed Ridley," Urban said. "It looked amazing. Crowd scenes, people speaking different languages: It was literally just jumping off of the screen. Literally, the [assistant director] said, 'Look, if you can speak a foreign language, please, we want to hear it.' It was amazing."

The movie will also feature hard-core vampire action. Paul Bettany plays the film's hero, simply called Priest, and Urban described the no-holds-barred fight scenes they're filming. "I stomped on his finger and smashed my elbow into his face, gave him a cut lip, and he still worked, so he's a professional," Urban said. "I did extensive fight training for this, because, literally, one-third of the movie is action-based stuff."

We're in! Priest opens Oct 1. 2010.

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