Forget Twilight: Priest has kick-ass vampires

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

In an era of movies about sparkly vampires and TV shows about dreamy teen vampires, it's refreshing to hear that the upcoming movie Priest, loosely based on a Korean comic series, will deal mainly with the kick-ass, bloodthirsty subset of the undead.

That's what Star Trek's Karl Urban told us Monday night at the DVD/Blu-ray release party in Los Angeles. Urban plays the film's villain, Black Hat, and said the movie deals with the war between humans and vampires that follows a vampire apocalypse.

"The film is set in a post-apocalyptic vampire world at the end of generations of war between vampires and humans," Urban said. "That's where this story takes place. I think that it's going to have some pretty dark moments in it, that's for sure. Dude, it's not Twilight. I do have fangs."

In terms of production value, Urban said that director Scott Stewart packed Priest with sci-fi atmosphere a la Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. "He shot this scene on the old Warner Brothers lot where they shot Blade Runner, and he really out-Ridleyed Ridley," Urban said. "It looked amazing. Crowd scenes, people speaking different languages: It was literally just jumping off of the screen. Literally, the [assistant director] said, 'Look, if you can speak a foreign language, please, we want to hear it.' It was amazing."

The movie will also feature hard-core vampire action. Paul Bettany plays the film's hero, simply called Priest, and Urban described the no-holds-barred fight scenes they're filming. "I stomped on his finger and smashed my elbow into his face, gave him a cut lip, and he still worked, so he's a professional," Urban said. "I did extensive fight training for this, because, literally, one-third of the movie is action-based stuff."

We're in! Priest opens Oct 1. 2010.

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