The forgotten NASA history… and some slackers

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Aug 18, 2005

You may have heard of the Mercury 13, women who were trained for space flight back in the heyday of the Space Race, and then largely forgotten.

But did you know of the forgotten -- some say suppressed -- black astronaut program? You may want to watch the brilliant video The Old Negro Space Program. Listening once again to the adventures of Loopy Louie and Wallace "Suitcase" Jefferson brought me right back to the high adventure of the race to the Moon. Warning: movie contains adult language. Also requires senses of humor and social irony.

Speaking of which, you may not know the tale of the astronaut accidentally left on the Moon, stranded by a locked latch on the Lunar Module. Here are his tales. Warning: adult themes, some childish humor (which cracked me up), and lots of "bleeps".

Finally, I was on Slacker Astronomy once again, because, evidently, repeated blows to their heads have permanently damaged Pamela's, Travis's's, and Aaron's cognitive abilities. Here's the interview, where I am even crueler to Tom Cruise than I am in my War of the Worlds review. Warning: outrageous and inappropriate (and gratuitous) sexual innuendo abounds in the interview.

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