Former director reveals original plans for his Daredevil reboot

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Apr 9, 2013, 10:04 AM EDT (Updated)

We’ve already heard what Joe Carnahan wanted to do with Daredevil, but now original reboot director David Slade has revealed what he had in store for the Man Without Fear.

With the clock ticking down last year for 20th Century Fox to make a Daredevil movie, Slade was scrambling to get one off the ground. After his plan fell apart, Carnahan made a last-ditch effort (complete with a kick-ass sizzle reel), but time ran out. 

The rights have since officially reverted back to Marvel, so who knows how Hell’s Kitchen will fit into the master plan at this point. But Slade has finally opened up about his original project, and it turns out, it was pretty similar to Carnahan’s dark, '70s-set pitch.

Here’s what Slade told Film School Rejects:

“[I saw it as] really complex and exciting. It was complicated [Laughs], and in the most unimaginable Fox way possible. I was really, really excited about it ... It’s funny, I remember Joe Carnahan went after it hard when the rights were about to go. He cut together that thing that was great and exciting, but it was kind of sad, in a way, because everything in that trailer we had attempted to do [Laughs]. Every single thing.

It’s in the 70s, Kingpin is going through New York dealing with the Irish mafia, and there’s Daredevil in the yellow suit. It was all there! You know, it’s a big studio film and it’s tougher…there are certain people who are really good at that, and I hope to be really good at that. I will continue to try my best.”

With Daredevil’s status in temporary limbo, it makes us even sadder to hear how cool Slade’s version could have been. Here’s hoping Marvel might give him (or Carnahan) a chance to make the Daredevil movie we always wanted.

Do you think Slade’s plan could’ve worked?

(Via Film School Rejects)

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