Former Disney development exec believes there's still (a little) hope for Tron 3

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Aug 11, 2016

When Tron Legacy hit the big screen, it seemed like Disney was finally ready to give the classic sci-fi franchise a new lease on life. But, one mediocre box office run later, and The Grid hit the skids. So, is there still hope for a revival?

Former Disney development executive, and a producer on Tron Legacy, Brigham Taylor chatted with Screen Rant about the project and if the network might ever get it back on track. Sadly, Taylor said there’s not really anything to report at the moment, but said there have been “conversations” about the future of Tron — while the Tron attraction at Shanghai Disney shows the company isn’t against leveraging the IP.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“I always hope for that. I just had a wonderful visit to Shanghai, where they have an amazing attraction based on Tron Legacy. The designers just did such an amazing job creating the feeling of stepping onto The Grid, and that indelible visual world that Lisberger created and Kosinski explored… and I think there’s a real stickiness to that that I hope can grow into a film or whatever else. So I don’t know what I’d ‘hint’ at other than that I hope for that, and that there’s obviously been conversations.”

Considering Disney is fairly busy cranking out Star Wars and Marvel movies (which are the Hollywood equivalent of printing money), taking a risk on another Tron flick is understandably not high on the priority list. But, it’s still a fairly valuable brand, and it stands to reason the Mouse House might look to reboot it in the next few years.

Hey, everything comes back around eventually these days, right?

(Via Screen Rant)

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