Former enemies reluctantly join forces on Into the Badlands

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May 21, 2018, 7:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't watched the Season 3 episode of Into The Badlands, “Carry Tiger to Mountain” you might want to turn back now. Besides, as we all know: No one escapes the Badlands.

Hi, Badlands fans! Maybe I spoke too soon last week when I said that everyone would be prioritizing friendship over death, because it definitely seems as if certain people are choosing to align themselves differently this week. It just goes to show that you can’t trust anything, really.

Previously: Gaius (the younger brother of Baron Chau) showed up on the scene and already the situation is much more intense. Elsewhere, Sunny and Bajie’s journey to get help for baby Henry was momentarily derailed by some blind cannibal assassins and the unexpected arrival of Nathaniel Moon, although it turns out the latter has abandoned his quest for revenge after all. What’s next on the horizon for our faves?

We cut to the Widow and Lydia on their way back from a relatively successful first meeting with Pilgrim and Cressida, but as they pull up to the front gates of the Sanctuary they hear a thumping coming from the trunk of their car. They’ve got a stowaway, and it’s none other than a severely injured Gaius! (If you recall, last week he got pretty harshly stabbed by Castor during their fight. Seems like he figured he had a better chance hitching a free ride with the Widow.) 

When Gaius tries to prompt the Widow’s memory of him, we get a flashback. It’s tiny Gaius! And little Minerva! We already know that the Widow used to be a cog in the service of Baron Chau’s family, but apparently they had a pretty strong connection. During Gaius’ birthday celebration, Minerva drops a tray of drinks when he so much as says hi to her - but it happens right in front of Gaius’ father, Horatio. Gaius immediately bends down to help her, but cuts his finger on a piece of broken glass—and for some reason that’s a punishable offense. Horatio orders Gaius to give Minerva ten lashes with a cane and he refuses, so Gaius’ sister Juliette (who we know will go on to become Baron Chau) steps forward, all too happy to do it herself. Back in the present, Gaius extends an offer to the Widow: to join forces with him against his sister and take her down once and for all. The Widow orders him locked up, but she’s definitely considering it.

Considering another alliance? Chau and Pilgrim, surprisingly, after he confronts her with the heads of the Clippers that were sent to kill him. Lying through her teeth, Chau claims she had no knowledge of her brother’s plan. Pilgrim’s not buying it, but he can let bygones be bygones if Chau can supply him with 1,000 workers for a special project. Chau isn’t certain she can assemble that many people while she’s fighting a war, but she may not have much of a choice. “Just understand that failure will not be absolved,” Pilgrim replies, and heel-turns away. But Chau’s already noticing that one head is missing amongst those tossed at her feet: her brother’s.


M.K.’s barely woken up in the Temple under Nix’s watchful gaze before his eyes go black and he tries to leave. But that thing Pilgrim did where he turned off Castor’s gift? He does it again here and M.K. stands dumbfounded for a minute, but doesn’t really slow down much until he realizes he’s still too weak to go anywhere. Pilgrim and Cressida feed him a spiel about bringing people together, taking care of one another, blah blah blah… but then Pilgrim mentions their quest to find Azra and M.K.’s ears perk up. I’m guessing he’s not going to be leaving quite as soon as he originally anticipated. Less excited about this new arrival, though? Castor.

Sunny and Bajie have finally made it to Vulture’s Peak, and with no time to lose; Henry’s steadily getting worse. Further up the mountain, they’re finally greeted by the sight of Ankara’s hut—an abandoned plane, no less. (Side note: I love the visuals on this show and how they incorporate old and new together.) Bajie doesn’t get a particularly warm welcome from his former Master, but they’re also not really there for pleasantries. Ankara admits that she can’t take away Henry’s dark gift, but she can offer some temporary relief from the power surging through that tiny body. The relief? Submerging him in water, and when Sunny steps forward to intervene Ankara braces a glowing hand to his chest, drawing on the father’s strength to help the son. The dark energy is seeped from Henry’s body and he appears to be normal again! For now, at least.

We’ve already learned that Sunny’s quest to help Henry would unlock some secrets about him in the process, and now we have a name for his role courtesy of Ankara: a Catalyst, a channel through which the dark gift flows. It’s buried deep inside him. As soon as Ankara touches two glowing fingers to Sunny’s forehead we see a flashing of images: Sunny as a young boy with his eyes turned black, and a hooded figure standing above him. The force of the vision throws Ankara across the room, though Bajie quickly revives her with the magic of alcohol. 

“Whoever locked your darkness is more powerful than me,” she tells Sunny, adding that Fate has brought hm and Bajie together for a purpose. But Bajie is more skeptical, pointing out that Ankara has a way of making people believe her bullsh*t and lies. He sent the tower signal at the end of season 2, and no one came to save them—or so he believes. But Pilgrim was the one who answered the call, and now he’s sending out a signal of his own. He wants to usher in a new age in the Badlands, but Ankara warns them that it will be one of “blood and chaos.” Yaaaaay. She encourages Sunny to seek out Pilgrim so that he can assist further with curing Henry.


Meanwhile, everyone’s getting ready to converge on one area: the refugee camp. Chau and her Clippers are going to try and pull men from the sector for Pilgrim’s purpose, and Cressida has enlisted Castor to help them with the recruitment process (though it’s really just to get him out of the way so he doesn’t keep moping around the Temple about M.K.). Meanwhile, after a conversation with Gaius (who is once again shirtless), the Widow has decided to make an ally of her enemy’s brother—especially once she learns that Gaius had helped her escape a deadly fate as children.

Tilda and Odessa are sharing a relatively peaceful moment (and a smooch!) for once at the camp, but that’s right before Castor and Chau’s Clippers show up to party. Luckily, the Iron Rabbit and her lady get some allies in the form of the Widow’s forces, led by Nathaniel and Gaius and Minerva herself. It’s ON. If you thought last week’s fight was epic, it’s nothing compared to what happens next. There are so many different fight combos that I don’t even know where to look: Castor versus Tilda, Castor versus the Widow. At one point, Nathaniel, Gaius and Odessa stand together side-by-side and it is a beautiful sight. Have I mentioned I love this show? At the end of it all, Chau’s Clippers turn tail and run, while the Widow knocks Castor out with one swift kick of her boot. She’s got another prisoner now.

On the way back from Vulture’s Peak, Bajie points out that Sunny doesn’t need to put any stock in what his former Master said—but if Sunny needs to face Pilgrim for Henry’s sake, then Bajie promises he’s with him to the end of the line. Move over, Cap and Bucky. But Sunny’s role as the Catalyst has given Cressida another vision as she hurriedly scrawls bloody images of the former Clipper’s tattoos on a wall. “He is journeying to us,” Cressida confirms, but when M.K. vows to kill him Pilgrim quickly forbids it. “This man’s destiny is intertwined with mine. He must suffer no harm.” Whether enemy or friend, Sunny and Pilgrim’s paths will finally cross - maybe next week?

It’s probably unwise to make too many predictions about what will happen next week, but I can’t wait to see the first Sunny/Pilgrim showdown. And do I sense a hint of blossoming romance between Gaius and the Widow? Feel free to share your reactions in the comments or tweet us @Syfyfangrrls. And don’t forget to check out our interview with Nick Frost about this week’s episode!

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