Former SG-1, Atlantis, SGU producer has an idea for how to revive the Stargate franchise 

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Feb 19, 2018, 10:45 AM EST

Fresh off the premiere of Stargate Origins, fans are understandably excited to have a new adventure through the ‘Gate—but what comes next? Former SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe producer Joseph Mallozzi has a few ideas.

Though Mallozzi has nothing to do with the franchise anymore and is only offering up his thoughts as a fan, he spent the brunt of his career as a producer on the three shows that turned the series into a sci-fi juggernaut. So how does he think Stargate could come back to prime time? In a series of blog posts, Mallozzi said he thinks it’d be a challenge no matter which direction MGM decides to take the franchise—be it a reboot or a continuation set within the existing continuity.

“A full reboot of the series, which on the surface seems like the easiest way to go, wipes out 17 seasons of Stargate television history and risks turning off a significant portion of the existing fanbase,” he wrote. “In addition, I would argue that a true reboot would be very, VERY difficult to pull off. Over the course of those 17 years of Stargate history, mythology was crafted, rules established, and characters brought to life. Could an all-new, all-different Stargate avoid making even tangential use of any of these elements?”

That said, Mallozzi did have an idea that could bridge the gap and keep the established continuity intact, while also setting up a soft reboot that could welcome new fans: A new team of new characters seeing this world for the first time, i.e. a team of new recruits. He noted it’d offer the opportunity to sprinkle in classic elements while taking things in a new direction with a new team and new story.

“How about you introduce a protagonist who knows nothing about the Stargate program and becomes the conduit through which the home audience learns about the gate network? Maybe they’re a young soldier or a scientist or young anthropologist who joins a team on a visit to a top-secret facility,” he wrote. “There, to their amazement, they are introduced to Stargate Command, the workings of the intergalactic Stargate network, and then informed they will be making a trip through the gate to an alien world … There are so many possible ways for the series to go, but it’s fairly easy to do so without burdening the story, these new characters, with heavy mythology.”

It’s obviously all talk at the moment, but Mallozzi’s thought exercise is certainly a fun rabbit hole to follow as fans continue to ponder the future of the Stargate universe. If Stargate Origins continues to generate buzz, maybe all this talk will eventually turn into something more.

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