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Michael K. Williams (Getty Images)

Former Solo star Michael K. Williams reveals details of his recast, semi-leonine Lothario character

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Mar 7, 2018, 10:30 PM EST

Despite all the chaos happening behind the scenes for Lucasfilm’s upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie, story and character details for Solo: A Star Wars Story have remained scarce. But perhaps that has changed, at least for one character. Former cast member Michael K. Williams (Boardwalk Empire, The Wire) appears to have spilled the beans on his character in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The actor appeared on Sirius XM’s Jim and Sam Show Tuesday to give details on the character he shot for the film that he won’t appear in.

According to Williams (as you can hear below), his character Dryden Vos was, “half mountain lion, half human.” But wait, there’s more. “He was extremely sophisticated. Very rich. Like he had been around the world, older guy,” Williams explained, adding that he was involved in a “sort of a love triangle between Emilia Clarke’s character, Qi’Ra and the young Han Solo.”

Williams was quick to add that it wasn’t really “overtly a love triangle but there was definitely… a pissing contest going on for the girl’s attention. So, there was a little bit of that energy going on.”


As for why we won’t see his portrayal of the semi-leonine Lothario, Williams explained that after he wrapped we went to Africa to shoot The Red Sea Diving Resort with Chris Evans, where he got a phone call explaining that, with 80% of the film shot, “Lucasfilm and the directors didn’t see eye-to-eye anymore, and (the directors) were fired.”

After Ron Howard was brought in to direct and “assess the damage,” according to Williams, Howard believed that regarding his character, the scenes with Dryden Vos would have to be completely reshot. And alas, since Williams was already on another job, that wasn’t possible. So, Paul Bettany will be playing Dryden Vos in the final version appearing in theaters.

No word yet on how Bettany's portrayal of the character will be different than what Williams described. Will Dryden Vos still be making the moves on Qi’Ra? Will he still be half mountain lion? We really hope so, but we'll have to wait till Solo: A Star Wars Story opens May 25 to find out.