Former Ninja Turtle says Michael Bay is 'sodomizing' the series

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Dec 16, 2012

Well, that didn't take long. Just a few days after producer Michael Bay let loose that he was changing up the origin story for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in his upcoming film adaptation, a former voice actor from the original early 1990s movie series has chimed in—and he is none too happy.

Robbie Rist, who voiced the hero-with-a-half-shell Michelangelo in the original film trilogy, has let loose some scathing comments aimed at Bay. Along with many fans, Rist is upset that he is apparently making the turtles aliens—as opposed to mutants—in the new flick.

"You probably don't know me but I did some voice work on the first set of movies that you are starting to talk about sodomizing," he said, according to TMZ. "I know believing in mutated talking turtles is kinda silly to begin with but am I supposed to be led to believe there are ninjas from another planet? The rape of our childhood memories continues."

In a follow-up interview, Rist said he hopes he is wrong about the Bay version, and that it lives up to fans' fond memories of the series.

"Everything I have said here could be off base and wrong," he wrote TMZ. "He has made WAY more money at this than I have."

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(via TMZ)