Fortransformers and 100 other great geekified sci-fi film names

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The latest meme to flood the Internet, taking us away from all those far more important things we had to do, like looking at the latest pictures of LOLCats, was to take the name of a movie and change it in some way to geekify it. Sometimes it meant altering just a single letter, sometimes an entire word, and sometimes ... well, you'll see!

We've tried to grab only the titles that began as sci-fi, fantasy or horror films, but you can see them all by searching Twitter for #geekedmovies. You should also check out Worth 1000 for geekified film posters like the one above.


Planet of the Apps

Phantom of the Opera Web Browser

Barack to the Future

Little Photoshop of Horrors

Rocky Scissors Paper Lizard Spock

The Macbook of Eli

Netscape to Witch Mountain

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdomain

The (Dot) Matrix (Printer)

A Clockwork FF6600

Slaughterhouse 00000101

X-Box Men

What About Boba Fett?

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to ASCII

Love at First Byte

This Borg's Life

Phantom of the SysOpera

Tales From The Encrypt

Waterworld of Warcraft

Raiders of the Lost Arc Welder

Tales From the Encrypt

Lord of the Pings: Return of the Ping

Harry Potter and the Blue Screen of Death

Shaun of the Dead Pixel

Lord of the Token Rings


The Empire Strikes Backspace

The Dork Crystal

Star Wars: Attack of the Chrome


Warhammer 40K Leagues Under the Sea

The Da Vinci Source Code

IM With a Vampire

Star Wars: Episode IV - A Newb Hope

The Install Wizard of Oz

Fantastic Mr. FireFox

Star Wars Episode III: P'wned by the Sith

Binding Time Bandits

Sherlock /home/s

Capricorn WAN

Minority Freeport

Where the Wild Things Arrrrr

1100 Monkeys

The Wizard of OS

Amazon.com Women on the Moon

Army of Farkness

BitTorrents of the Caribbean

The LAN Before Ping

Alvin and the Chipsets

20,000 Leagues Under the C++

Vanilla Skype

Drag Me to HTML

Son of Donkey Kong

The Rocky Horror Pixel Show

The Socketeer

Vanilla Skywalker

Skype Captain & the World of Tomorrow


Universal Solder

Tarzan, Lord of the YouTube Meme

10,000 GB

Sherlock Homepage

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mac

Bill and Ted's Excel-lent Adventure

The I.T. Department Strikes Back

The Netscape Navigator

The .jpg of Dorian Gray

Stephen King's "IT"

Jason X++

Big Trouble in Silicon Valley

The Wrath of Cron

Click & Drag Me to Hell

Login's Run


The Wizard of Woz

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 3

Children of the Pr0n

Blade Server Runner

Half Life of Brian

Chitty Chitty BING BING

It's a Wonderful Second Life

Finding Vimeo

Starbuck Rogers in the 25th Century

Charlie & Teh Chocobo Factory

Team Conan the Barbarian

Get Smart Phone

Googling Nemo

Drudge Dredd


VGA for Vendetta

Night of the Living 57005

I Am Legend of Zelda

Invasion of Teh iPod People

The Pit and the Pentium

The Linux, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

League of Extraordinary GUImen

The Assassination of Darth Vader By the Coward Luke Skywalker

Clash of the Teen Titans

0x7D1: A Space Odyssey

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