Fossil remains of 'giant' new dinosaur species found in Angola

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Dec 14, 2012

When you hear the word "Angola," a country in south-central Africa, the first words that come to mind are "war-torn." But now we have a much better phrase: "home of the giant dinosaur."

Scientists have discovered a brand-new dinosaur in Angola, one of the largest ever found. This sauropod has been given the name Angolatitan adamastor, also known as "Angolan giant" and "giant sea creature."

In a paragraph made completely of awesome, the Huffington Post reports:

The fossil was found along with fish and shark teeth in what would have been a sea bed 90 million years ago, leading its discoverers to believe the dinosaur might have been washed into the sea and torn apart by ancient sharks.

Just how big is this terrible lizard? Does it rival the 120-foot-long sauropod Argentinosaurus?

Sadly, there's little else known about Angolatitan adamastor. All information about it, even its estimated size, is based on one fossil: its forelimb bone.

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