See early screen tests for Sam Raimi's unused Green Goblin makeup

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

Turns out the mask-helmet that Willem Dafoe wore in the first Spider-Man film wasn't director Sam Raimi's initial plan: He wanted something a bit more ... organic for the face of the webslinger's archvillain. Wanna see it in motion? Here's the footage of some early tests.

Who knows why Raimi decided to abandon this more grotesque take on the Green Goblin's visage? If I had to guess, the reasoning was probably twofold: 1) Explaining why Norman Osborn's face suddenly became so monstrous would take a lot of screen time, time I'm sure he felt better spent on Peter Parker and Mary Jane; and 2) giving Osborn a mask would play nicely into the "masks we all wear" theme.

Still, it's a fascinating peek into an alternate cinematic universe.

(via SuperHeroHype)