Founding member of the X-Men comes out as gay in All-New X-Men comic

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Apr 21, 2015

As far as major publishing houses are concerned, Marvel has typically been close to the forefront in trying to give a realistic portrayal of the world we live in. Well, it turns out a founding member of the X-Men is about to come out as gay.

Spoilers ahead for Marvel’s All New X-Men comic!

Some pages from All New X-Men #40 have apparently leaked, revealing a scene between young Jean Grey and young Bobby Drake/Ice Man. The scene finds Jean pulling Bobby aside after she loses patience with his comments to the female team members. She then goes on to tell him that she’s read his mind and knows he’s only overcompensating because he’s gay. He admits she’s right, and they move on.

AS IGN notes, the one somewhat strange thing about this development is that this version of Bobby Drake — the younger version from the founding X-Men team brought forward in time — is not from a different timeline or universe. It’s the same Bobby Drake as the modern-day Iceman, just younger. But modern-day Iceman is straight (a point young Bobby and Jean apparently acknowledge).

If writer Brian Michael Bendis is making the effort to introduce this arc, we’re assuming there will be more to come to explain a bit more about what’s going on. 

What’s your take on this plot development? A good move for (young) Iceman?

(Via IGN)

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