Fox (and Disney) bosses respond to the Fantastic Four comics cancellation

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Nov 17, 2014, 4:30 PM EST

In early October, news that Marvel Comics was actually cancelling their Fantastic Four comic book series -- after months of rumblings -- took the world by storm (pun intended).

What's more, most fans believe that the move was done to spite Fox (the studio owns the Fantastic Four movie property instead of Marvel Studios) and director Josh Trank’s (Chronicles) upcoming Fantastic Four flick -- which seems to be garnering an impressive amount of fan hate all over the world -- when, in fact, it could simply be because sales haven’t been that good for the decades-old comic book series.

Still, the timing is a bit suspicious, right?

In the meanwhile, both Fox and Disney (who owns Marvel Studios) had kept eerily silent about the whole thing. Until recently.

In a recent executive roundtable that took place last week with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn and Fox Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos actually addressed the Fantastic Four comic's cancellation, and weighed in as to whether it had anything to do with the upcoming superhero flick.

Here’s what Fox’s Gianopoulos said during the roundtable, when asked if he felt that Marvel Comics pulling off the FF comics was Disney Marvel's way to strangle Fox’s Marvel (the bit about the Fantastic Four was not included in THR’s lengthy write-up, so thank you to our colleagues over at Comic Book for fishing out the following bits):

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t know how that decision came about. The comic was not a huge seller. The Fantastic Four is a very established group of characters, and the film is awesome. Yeah, I think…I don’t know how that played into their decision, but it wasn’t…the book wasn’t selling as well as others.”

Gianopulos also said that the whole comic book cancellation didn’t matter from their perspective.

Then Disney’s Horn added that it was a “Fully independent decision, by the way, I didn’t even know about it. I mean, honestly, we don’t even [shrugs his shoulders].”

Have a look at the round-table:

So, what do you guys think?

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