Fox exec slams Justice League as 'excellent way of losing $200 million'

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Feb 6, 2013, 12:11 PM EST (Updated)

Comic guru Mark Millar might be busy developing a grand plan for the Marvel properties over at 20th Century Fox, but that doesn’t mean he’s not keeping up with all the other big movies coming from other studios. His thoughts on DC’s Justice League? A really big, and really bad, idea.

Millar took a break from producing the new versions of X-Men and Fantastic Four to chat with SciFi Now about DC’s plan to combine all their major heroes under one roof. Millar thinks it's a terrible idea, and looking at the track record (apart from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy), it’s hard to argue.

The biggest problem? MIllar says that DC’s slate is "too old" and doesn’t translate that well to the big screen, with super speed, green plasma powers and underwater super powers:

”Now the stuff I grew up with… I adored the DC stuff growing up but really, how do you do a movie about Green Lantern? His power is that he manifests green plasma from his imagination and uses them as weapons against someone? Even that in itself if you just imagine then watching a fight scene with a guy who’s like a hundred feet away making plasma manifestations fight someone – it’s not exactly raucous, getting up close and personal.

The Flash has door handles on the side of his mask and if he doesn’t wear that mask, I’ll be pissed off, you know what I mean? They’re in a weird, weird situation – if you’ve got a guy who moves at the speed of light up against the Weather Wizard and Captain Cold or whatever, then your movie’s over in two seconds. You can get away with stuff in comics that in live action’s just a bit sucky – the best one is definitely Aquaman. Aquaman can’t even talk under water. If you think about it in comics it’s fine, you just have a speech balloon, but how do you have Atlantis and people talking under water? Are they gonna talking telepathically? Is it going to be body forms?”

Considering the odds, Millar said he believes this gamble probably won’t pay off for DC’s big budget team up:

“I actually think the big problem for them is the characters are just too out of date. The characters were created 75 years ago, even the newest major character was created 68 years ago, so they’re in a really weird time...

The actual logistics of each member of the Justice League is disastrous, and you put them all together and I think you get an excellent way of losing $200 million.”

Do you think Millar makes some good points, or will Justice League be as big as or bigger than The Avengers?

(Via SciFi Now)