Fox 'exploring' ideas with Shyamalan for third season of Wayward Pines

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Aug 8, 2017, 3:36 PM EDT

The Fox sci-fi series Wayward Pines is the rare success story that managed to stay alive on a major network based largely on its time-shifted and streaming views — and the network is in early discussions to potentially bring it back for one more trip.

While speaking at the TCA press event, Fox Entertainment president David Madden said they “don’t know yet” if Wayward Pines will return for a third season, but confirmed discussions with producer M. Night Shyamalan have taken place recently about “the possibilities of what a third season could be” from a plot and casting perspective. The casting tidbit makes sense if you’ve ever seen the series. Season 1 was led by Matt Dillon, then Jason Patric was the star of Season 2. So, a potential third season could easily retain some — or none — of the cast from the first two years.

The series itself is based on Black Crouch’s book series, and follows a mysterious small town that turns out to be the only surviving remnants of humanity in a far-flung future. It was Twin Peaks with some positively bonkers sci-fi thrown in, and in a lot of ways, worked really well. The first season was a hit thanks to delayed DVR viewing, though those numbers took a hit in Season 2. Regardless, the show was still a decent performer for an off-season series.

One thing that could serve as both a blessing and a curse for more Wayward Pines? Shyamalan. His stock has risen considerably since the first two seasons thanks to the success of Split (and Shyamalan is working on a buzzed-about sequel). So, the producer certainly has a bit more juice now — but does he have the time?

What do you think? Would you like to see more Wayward Pines?


(Via Deadline)