Fox orders pilot for 'Dirty Dozen in space' sci-fi series from Sleepy Hollow producer

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Oct 9, 2014, 3:33 PM EDT

If you’re a fan of space operas — and aren’t we all? — it looks like there will be one more potential TV series to keep an eye on next season.

Deadline reports that Fox has placed a pilot order for a new untitled sci-fi series described as “The Dirty Dozen in deep space,” developed by Len Wiseman (Sleepy Hollow) and Scott Rosenbaum (Gang Related). Wiseman is a hot commodity at Fox in the wake of Sleepy Hollow’s success, while they’re keen to keep Wiseman around despite Gang Related’s failure. So we’d think this one has a solid shot at a pickup, assuming it doesn’t suck.

The plot is this: The show is set in the future, where companies have begun to colonize parts of our known galaxy. A mercenary search and rescue team is dispatched to investigate a distress signal from a prison transport that has crashed on an uncharted planet. This unlikely group of heroes will now have to work together when they encounter a much greater challenge on this mysterious planet than they could have anticipated. The pitch sounds like a mashup of Firefly and Riddick, and it could be a nice fit at Fox.

Despite the fact that Fox has a well-known track record among fans for pulling the plug on promising sci-fi shows (see: Firefly, Almost Human, etc.), you can’t argue the network is always willing to take a shot on genre projects. But looking past those short-lived shows, Fox also gave Fringe breathing room despite middling ratings, and is (of course) home to Wiseman's breakout genre hit Sleepy Hollow. So you’d think this one at least has a decent shot.

(Via Deadline)