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Fox orders sitcom about the last man left on Earth

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Feb 12, 2014, 5:56 PM EST

While there have been plenty of funny movies about the end of the human race, does that scenario lend itself to a ongoing sitcom?

The Fox network is about to find out, since it has ordered a series called The Last Man on Earth into production. According to Deadline, the show will star former Saturday Night Live cast member and series creator Will Forte as the "last human on Earth." 

Or is he? In reports on the show at Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, Forte's character is described as the last "man" on Earth, as per the title. That's a big distinction, since if he's the last man, that implies that there are still women around.

And if that's the case, Fox could run into a big old legal hassle with writer Brian K. Vaughn, artist Pia Guerra and Vertigo Comics, whose five-time Eisner-winning comic book Y: The Last Man was about that very subject (a Y: The Last Man film has been in development forever at New Line Cinema, although the rights may soon revert back to the creators if the movie doesn't get off the ground).

It's unclear from these reports whether Forte will be the last "man" or "human," but someone or something else has to eventually show up, unless he intends to be the sole character on the show for its entire run.

Production is slated to begin this summer so that the show can premiere midway through the 2014/2015 television season. Hopefully we'll get more details before then, but do you think this sounds like it has the makings of a hit weekly series?