Fox quietly nixes its plans for Fantastic Four 2

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Nov 26, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

If you want to see the continuing adventures of Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm, you’re fresh out of luck. The sequel to the 2015 movie Fantastic Four has been removed from Fox’s lineup of scheduled releases. 

According to ComicBook.com, the sequel was set for a June 9, 2017, release date, even before the first movie aired. It turned out that scheduling was overly optimistic. Fantastic Four earned a mere [Updated$167 million ($56 million in the U.S.; $111 million internationally), with a budget of $120 million. By Hollywood standards, that’s a flop. 

It doesn’t mean you won’t get to see more of the four. In July 2015, X-Men producer Bryan Singer implied there could be a fantastically uncanny crossover between the two groups. But that was before Fantastic Four was released in August.

It also doesn't mean that a sequel might not happen in the farther future--or even, shudder, a reboot.

Fox owns the rights to both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man is owned by Columbia. However, Marvel retains the rights to The Avengers—the backbone of the highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps Fantastic Four and Spider-Man movies are, to put it delicately, not as beloved because they have been helmed by studios that consider superhero movies an afterthought, rather than their raison d’etre. 

So why did Fantastic Four earn a Tomato Meter of only 10% with pros and 20% with fans? As Blastr pointed out, among other issues, the film lacked a team dynamic. But mostly, it was considered a poor movie because it was dull. And if you can’t make an exciting movie about elastic man, an invisible woman, a man who can shoot flames, and a man with rock-hard abs and rock-hard everything, you’re doing it wrong.

Via ComicBook.com.