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Fox schedules two bonus episodes of Lucifer for Memorial Day

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May 21, 2018, 8:06 PM EDT (Updated)

Back when a fourth season of Lucifer seemed like a certainty, two episodes from the third season were held back for next season. However, Fox went in a different direction and abruptly canceled the show at the end of the third season, while leaving fans with one Hell of a cliffhanger for its title character. 

But all hope is not lost yet. While Lucifer’s showrunners are attempting to find a new home for the series, Fox has lined up the two lost episodes to air back-to-back on Monday, May 28. The first episode, “Boo Normal,” will feature Lucifer and his team looking into the death of a child psychiatrist. In the subplot, Ella will confront a secret that is connected to her childhood.

The second and final episode on Fox will be “Once Upon a Time,” which finds Lucifer thrust into an alternate world created by his mother. And in this world, Lucifer has never met LAPD detective Chloe Decker, but he has the one thing that he’s always wanted: “the freedom of choice.”

**SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers below for the Lucifer Season 3 finale!**

Unfortunately, neither episode is likely to address the shake up between Lucifer and Chloe now that she has seen his true face as the devil. It’s not like Lucifer wasn’t open about who and what he was, but Chloe never really believed him until that moment. The showrunners have hinted that they won’t be walking back that revelation, if the series continues. 

So far, the only word about Lucifer’s fourth season is that The CW won’t be its guardian angel. For the sake of this show’s fans, we hope that Lucifer finds a new network or streaming service in the near future.

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