Fox: The X-Files won’t carry on without Scully, at least for now

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May 14, 2018, 9:59 AM EDT

It looks like the wait for Season 12 of the X-Files is about to turn into a long one…maybe even an indefinite one. Fox (the TV network, not the Mulder) just revealed that it has no plans to continue the show anytime soon.

Only months after Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) announced she was leaving the show for good, Fox CEO Gary Newman reportedly said in a conference call, via TV Line, that the network has no plans to develop a 12th season “at the moment.” That means the unresolved events left hanging when the final Season 11 episodes aired March 21 will just have to keep on hanging. 

While show creator Chris Carter confessed earlier this year that "the idea of doing the show without [Scully] isn’t something I’ve ever had to consider,” he’s also made it clear that he sees The X-Files as a universe where other stories can be told that transcend the Mulder-Scully dynamic.

Just as the show’s final episode aired in March, Carter — fully aware of Anderson’s departure — told SYFY WIRE that he viewed the major questions left open in the Season 11 finale less as a goodbye to the series and more as a new point of departure. 

“I don't think we're at the ending as much as a new beginning,” Carter revealed. “Or, it's not a conclusion for me.” 

Whatever’s still out there for the franchise, Anderson has been unambiguous about her intention to follow a different path. “The next couple years are quite full, and I want to explore them without being tied to a series,” Anderson said during a January panel at this year’s Television Critics Association. “This is it for me. I am really serious. I have so much respect, but I’m finished and that’s the end of that.”

What that means for the franchise’s long-range future is still anybody’s guess, but perhaps fans can take a little optimism from Carter’s evident belief that there are still more X-Files stories to be told, even if they won’t involve Mulder and Scully.

What do you think? Does Season 11 serve up a satisfying conclusion to the entire series — or should the creative team start iterating in new ways, if given the chance? Leave a thought or two and let us know if you can envision a Scully-less future for the X-Files.