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An X-Men vs. Fantastic Four movie with Deadpool & Daredevil? Fox considered it, director confirms

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Jan 4, 2021, 8:00 PM EST

Some of the Marvel characters who used to call Fox home are still only just settling in to their new Disney digs. The Fantastic Four is already getting back into action, in the form of a recently-announced movie helmed by Spider-Man: Far From Home director, Jon Watts. But no one yet knows how the X-Men will shape up at the Mouse House...and then, of course, there are beloved characters like Deadpool and Daredevil (who only recently became fair game for Disney after his shelf life expired at Netflix).

While we wait to see how Disney juggles its expanded, post-merger Marvel lineup, it’s always fun to ponder the what-ifs and might-have-beens. And a pair of creators formerly involved in Marvel projects at Fox have both seperately teased that Fox did have some pretty bonkers movie ideas about how to get everyone on the same screen all at once. Most recently, Bourne series director Paul Greengrass appears to have confirmed earlier reports that one especially ambitious idea — a film involving both the X-Men and Fantastic Four — indeed made it to the discussion stage at one point.

Appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast late last month, Greengrass confirmed that he and Fox had discussed making an X-Men / Fantastic Four film: a “versus”-style movie that would have squared off the squads in a crossover event. But those talks never got farther than the discussion stage, he explained. "I wouldn't say I was attached; [we] talked, and I thought about it, and in the end…[nothing happened]," he said.

The hypothetical X-Men vs. Fantastic Four face-off that Greengrass alluded to is apparently the same’ “secret movie” that Thor and X-Men: First Class screenwriter Zack Stentz previously teased back in 2019. Speaking with Kevin Smith on the FatMan Beyond podcast at the time, Stentz said he and former partner Ashley Miller had worked on a stealth project that Greengrass was in line to direct. It would have gotten the entire Fox-controlled Marvel lineup onto the same screen at the same time — including both Deadpool and Daredevil. 

“I can't tell you what the plot was, but I can tell you that it used all of the characters, all of the Marvel characters that Fox had at the time in 2011,” Stentz said. “It used the X-Men. It used the Fantastic Four. It used Daredevil. It used Deadpool.”

According to Stentz, Greengrass ended up taking on another film project instead. Just the same, the now decade-old idea sounds like it would have been sweet to see. “[I]t was a script I was really proud of, and it would've been really good,” he teased.

With Disney now in control, who knows what kind of crossovers the next phase of the MCU might be setting up? Fresh info on Watts’ Fantastic Four movie has been super-light since its big reveal in early December, so it’s too early to know whether it could come with a plot that sets up some fun crossover appearances. But with Disney’s track record of showing no hesitation to mix its Guardians of the Galaxy with its Avengers, it’s safe to say that anything is possible.