Dollhouse canceled but Joss promised 'significant' ending

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

This just in: Fox is canceling Joss Whedon's low-rated Dollhouse, but the show will wrap up with a "significant" series finale.

Variety's Michael Schneider tweeted: "Official word from Fox: 'We will air all 13 episodes and this gives Joss the opportunity to end in a significant way.'"

The news comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone, given that the show has seen its ratings bump along at a very low level since it came back for a surprising second season.

The good news (for fans, anyway) is that the show will be allowed to complete its 13-episode second-season production order, which includes episodes featuring guest stars Summer Glau and Ray Wise:

After some dismal performance in the fall, despite the ratings bumps "Dollhouse" got from DVR viewing, Fox benched the show for the November sweep after four episodes.

The show was scheduled to return Dec. 4.

The other good news from this is that it frees Joss and company to make that sequel to Dr. Horrible, right?