Fox develops U.S. Torchwood: John Barrowman could star

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Bad news with some good news: Fox—the TV network that killed Firefly and Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles—is developing a U.S. version of the hit Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood.

The good news is: Doctor Who revitalizer and Torchwood creator Russell T Davies is writing the script for the pilot. And Capt. Jack Harkness himself—John Barrowman—might star!

How bad can it be?

Here's how The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed blog reported it:

Unlike U.S. adaptations that have gone awry, Torchwood fans can take comfort that the original producing team is on board. In addition to Davies, exec producers include Davies' producing partner Julie Gardner (former head of drama at BBC Wales for the show's first season) and Jane Tranter (another BBC vet, now exec VP programming and production at BBC Worldwide Prods. in the U.S.).

Also, some of the current cast—most likely John Barrowman, who plays the immortal Capt. Jack Harkness—might star if Fox orders Torchwood to pilot.

The story goes on to say that the U.S. version would be more globally focused, with stories that go beyond the more localized stories of the original, which centered on Cardiff, Wales, and the United Kingdom.

Who's betting Fox soft-pedals Captain Jack's omnisexuality? Or his relationship with Ianto? Or any sex at all?

And this raises the tantalizing question: Since Torchwood exists in Doctor Who's universe, would we eventually see an Americanized Doctor? Traveling in what, a Bell-Telephone-booth-shaped TARDIS?

What do you think of a U.S. Torchwood? On Fox?

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