Fox exec worried he'd "burn in hell" over Dollhouse

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

While Fox has committed to airing all of the 13 episodes they ordered for Dollhouse's season two, scheduling head Preston Beckman said it was a difficult decision and that his chance of being labeled "an a--hole" over it were pretty strong. "If you cancel it, you're an a--hole; if you renew it and then don't put it back on, you're an a--hole," Preston told The Hollywood Reporter. He lamented the fact that he was still "paying for Terminator" after canceling that show, and said even though Dollhouse has a relatively small audience, it's a vocal one. "Dollhouse has a small, rabid fan base that in the world of social media seems bigger than it is. We gave them another season knowing full well we were going to burn in hell if we pulled it."