Fox's Deadpool just recast Colossus, and revealed 2 new pics

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Dec 23, 2015, 6:38 PM EST

In a bit of stunning news it was revealed today that the actor playing Russian mutant Piotr “Peter” Nikolaievitch Rasputin, aka Colossus, in director Tim Miller’s Deadpool is no longer Andre Tricoteux, as was first reported, but Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic, pictured below.


Yep. Just like Colossus' fellow X-Man, Jean Grey, I can telepathically hear y'all thinking WHUT?!!

Entertainment Weekly reports that the multilingual actor recently stepped in to voice and partly perform via motion capture the iconic metal-skinned X-Man. Kapicic (24, The Event) was seemingly a last-minute replacement for Tricoteux and only completed his performance about a week ago. No small feat, since the movie is set to open in less than two months!


Here’s what the actor said about his version of the Russian mutant in Fox's upcoming, R-rated Ryan Reynolds starrer:

“Tim Miller’s idea of Colossus was to be bigger and stronger than everyone else, so for the motion capture they needed an extremely tall man. I’m 6-foot-4, but he wanted Colossus to be over 7 feet, so they used a stunt double to recreate his height, and he did very good job there. Tim also wanted Colossus to sound as close as possible to the comic book character’s background, so he had me to come in, since my voice was what he envisioned for Colossus, who has an authentic Russian accent. My character’s voice gives him the past history as Piotr Rasputin once you hear him speak. This made him the most authentic to the original idea of the comic book character.

We had been trying all sorts of depths, both vocal and emotional, while playing with variations of Russian accents to give a range to the role until we finally got what Tim wanted. Giving the voice and expressions to a character is giving it a soul. It is a specific type of acting and it must be precise as it has to bring a character to life. Colossus’ voice is not much different than mine as Tim loved my natural color and range of voice, so we kept it and worked more on the Russian accent. The best note I received was to be authentic.”

There’s no actual reason given behind the change of actors, but Kapicic says he was not only aware of the fact that the movie was almost finished when he was brought on board, but that it was also super important for Tim Miller to get the character of Colossus right (is that a hint that Tricoteux's performance wasn't cutting it, or was he just really a stunt double?).

“I knew how important was to make a perfect Colossus. We worked our best to make him a well-known character, an original from the comic book, because of the huge fan base that Colossus has.”


Deadpool opens on Feb. 12, 2016. Are you guys surprised by this news? Do you think Kapicic will be an awesome Colossus?

(via EW)