Fox's Exorcist series just took a jaw-dropping twist to connect with the original film

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Oct 24, 2016

Though it hasn’t been drawing a ton of viewership, Fox’s The Exorcist is weaving together a solid little horror tale. But the latest episode just blew the mythology wide open.

Spoilers ahead for “Through My Most Grievous Fault,” the latest episode of Fox’s The Exorcist!

The latest episode featured a shocking scene where Angela Rance (Geena Davis) confesses her true history to Father Tomas. It turns out Angela is actually Regan MacNeil from the first Exorcist, all grown up. Having Davis’ character turn out to be the adult version of Linda Blair’s 12-year-old demon child was one heck of a twist, but if you’ve been paying attention, it might not be quite as big of a shock. The series has already alluded to the fact that it’s set in the continuity of the original film.

Holding off on this reveal until midway through the season was a bold move, but it worked. It gave viewers a chance to connect with these characters on their own terms, before making the connection clear. Here’s an excerpt from dialogue of Angela’s confession:

“I can’t remember most of it, thankfully. Post-traumatic amnesia, it’s called. Afterwards, I just wanted to move on with my life, put it behind me. But my mother, she was always finding new ways use my story to make a buck. ‘This is the path God gave us. Use it.’ But I ran away from all that. I changed my name. I never told her where I went. I never saw her again. I reinvented myself. But it didn’t matter. No matter what I did. I chose, Angela. Like a name would protect me. That I dreamed that I could have a life, a chance. It didn’t matter. It wasn’t done with me. It’s coming for me, father. I know it. My name is Regan MacNeil.”

The Exorcist airs Friday nights on Fox.

If you want a look at the actual script page (complete with notes) from that final scene, check it out here. Watch the reveal scene below:


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