Fraggle Rock getting a remastered return to the air on HBO

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Oct 11, 2016, 4:24 PM EDT

The cult hit Fraggle Rock is getting a new lease on life — and it’ll even be in HD.

Deadline reports the Jim Henson Company has cut a deal with HBO to air digitally remastered cuts of the original 1983 series. If you’ll remember, the quirky puppet hit originally aired on HBO when it first began all those years ago.

In case you’ve never seen the series (and if that’s the case, set your DVR now), it focuses on puppet creatures called Fraggles. These little folks live in underground caves and have their own entire world. It’s a wild adventure series, and featured a ton of great music that spanned pretty much every genre. It also tried to teach kids (and adults!) about diversity, friendship and tolerance. Kind of like the way weirder cousin of The Muppets, if we’re boiling it down.

“In remastering the series, illuminate has created a contemporary look for the series with meticulous attention paid to every detail — sharpening the images, cleaning up the contrast, increasing the vibrancy of the colors and re-formatting for wide-screen — all under the careful supervision of Brian Henson,” Richard Goldsmith, EVP of Global Distribution for The Jim Henson Company said in a statement. “We’ll engage a whole new audience who will love meeting the Fraggles, Gorgs, and Doozers.”

The original series ran for 96 episodes (those are the ones being remastered and aired). Along the way, it scored five International Emmy Awards and three Cable ACE Awards and five International Emmy Awards.

With the jazzed-up episodes, it seems a new generation of fans can discover the weird, awesome world of Fraggle Rock. The series is set to start airing by the end of the year. No word if it’ll also be available on the streaming service HBO GO, but here’s hoping.

(Via Deadline)