Frank Castle celebrates Halloween in first look at new Punisher Annual #1

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Nobody ever said Frank Castle was the most jovial superhero ever to pull a trigger or snap some bones, so it's not surprising that he's out patrolling the neighborhood with a bad attitude during trick or treat time.  Here's a 7-page preview of Marvel's new Punisher Annual #1 set on a dark and stormy Halloween night, with Frank having a little fun with a crew of kiddies who are up to no good.  Written by the great Gerry Conway (Man-Thing, Fantastic Four), co-creator of The Punisher, with art by Felix Ruiz (Savage Wolverine, Arkham Manor), it's the perfect way to satisfy your comic book sweet tooth this spooky holiday.

Here's the solicitation synopsis:


There are ghouls everywhere on Halloween night, but real monsters don’t wear costumes!. The Punisher is searching for a killer, but he’s also being watched…  Let’s hope Frank’s quarry doesn’t put costumed civvies in the line of fire!

Have a peek at this first look at Punisher Annual #1 and tell us if you'll be sticking this issue in your Halloween sack when it drops on October 26.

(Via Newsarama)

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