Frank Frazetta's greatest Conan painting EVER sells for $1.5 million!

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Jun 26, 2015, 2:23 PM EDT

That $1,000,000 a collector paid for one of Frank Frazetta's famous Conan paintings last year suddenly seems like chump change.

The 1971 painting Conan The Destroyer (that sets an awfully high bar for actor Jason Momoa) was sold in a private sale agreed upon yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con with Robert Pistella and Stephen Ferzoco of Frazetta Management Corporation. The rest of us will just have to settle for a poster.

OK ... so maybe this isn't the Frazetta's greatest Conan painting. But what can we say? Any Frazetta Conan painting we're looking at sure seems like the greatest Frazetta Conan painting while we're looking at it!

(via bleedingcool)