Studio ADI Alien Newborn bust from Alien: Resurrection

Freak yourself out with this $4,000 Alien Newborn head spawned from the original mold

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Jun 14, 2018, 1:18 PM EDT (Updated)

Earth is swarming with creepy replicas of creatures from the Alien franchise — but never one this nightmarishly lifelike.

The tortured Newborn might have been the closest humanity ever got to cloning a xenomorph in Alien: Resurrection, and while the creature might have been destroyed by an unfortunate hole burned into the spaceship by Ripley’s corrosive blood, it left behind its production mold.

StudioADI has now cloned the human-xenomorph hybrid using that mold. This huge disembodied head is screen-accurate at 30” long x 20” wide x 24” tall, cast in translucent fiberglass and painted with the exact specifications from the film and coated with high-gloss automotive sealer for that just-emerged-from-womb look. This thing has no species. It was born with the skull of a human trapped in the elongated head of something definitely not human. Veins almost seem to be pulsating through the protoplasm, and you could get lost in the hypnotic stare of its sunken eyes.

What has resulted from that process is so real it makes you feel like it could bite your hand off any second even if it is an inanimate object. No wonder it’s $4,000.

Just in case you don’t realize exactly how terrifying this thing is just from its face, how it came into being is even more gruesome. Cloning Ripley 8 from the genes of Ellen Ripley is no issue for the scientists of the USM Auriga (at least in the year 2379 it isn’t). The only problem is that Ripley’s blood was mixed with xenomorph queen DNA and has an embryo growing inside her. No big deal until that embryo, which is extracted, evolves a uterus and eventually gives birth to the ghastly life-form that murders the queen and licks Ripley as if she’s its mother. It’s complicated. 

The Newborn bust is just as rare as the creature that originally emerged from the same mold contaminated with human DNA. Only 50 exist on this planet and in this universe.

If you’re looking for something a little less invasive, you can always get the embryo of its mother.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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