Freakin' sweet!

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Jan 26, 2009

If you have ever wondered what the phrase "Made of awesome" means, here is the definition.

I recognize almost every single thing in that picture. And what's the first thing you notice? The Eagle, still my favorite science fiction space transport of all time. And three things from U.F.O!

This rocks my universe.

Weirdly, the only three things I don't get are the California blonde in the shorts and t-shirt in front of TARDIS next to Leela (Jaime Sommers? That would make the German Shepherd the bionic dog), the blonde superhero between the Dalek and Captain America, and the blue and red spaceship in the upper left. Anyone?

And is that Richard Benjamin as Quark? Yes, I do believe it is.

Tip o' the sonic screwdriver to io9.

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