Beyond- Season 2 finale (Holden and his parents)
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Freeform cancels sci-fi drama Beyond after two seasons

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Mar 29, 2018, 9:14 PM EDT (Updated)

The dust has barely settled on the finale of Season 2, but it seems Freeform has decided not to go any further with the sci-fi drama Beyond. Deadline reports that the Disney-owned cable network has canned the series after 20 episodes, following so-so reviews from TV critics and falling ratings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the season finale last week was seen by just 260,000 total viewers (a huge drop from the 14 million people who watched the show in its first week, per the network.)

The show followed protagonist Holden Matthews (played by Burkely Duffield) after he awakens from a 12-year-long coma, discovering that he has supernatural abilities and a lot of questions about his past. What was interesting about the show was the dark conspiracy in his town where Holden woke up, which could have certainly been explored further in another season.

Adam Nussdorf (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) created and wrote the show, with strong support from executive producers including David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) and Tim Kring (Heroes). But alas, it seems there wasn’t enough buzz around the show to keep it going for a third season.

It was definitely an intriguing premise and the show seemed to have lots of potential, but it seems that faced with overloaded content these days, it just wasn’t enough to secure a flick-happy audience to stay with it. Obviously a postcoma plot isn’t the most original idea out there, and perhaps with stiff competition it needed something extra to survive.

Freeform certainly has more on its plate too. As well as the upcoming Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger the network will debut their mermaid-themed drama show Siren tonight.

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