French Apocalypse Pizza teaser delivers an extra large order of awesome

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Dec 17, 2012

If Domino's had to drive through this mad gauntlet of hungry zombies there's no way they'd make their 30-minute window. Check out this cartoon teaser for the ultimate undead pizza run and save me the last slice...

Director Andres Fernandez serves up a heaping helping of battered brains and blood in his animated Apocalypse Pizza Video delight. It's the perfect recipe for the biggest French splatterfest since the epic asteroid faceplant in Armageddon, with some insane horror images, hilarious zombie kills and of course, extra cheese. You'll tip your pizza delivery dude a little more next time after seeing this crew's crazy ordeal...

Apocalypse Pizza by blankytwo

No release date planned but figure sometime in 2012 so don't cancel that calzone yet.

Via io9