Friday the 13th getting reboot (again), lines up found-footage director

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Apr 15, 2014, 9:05 PM EDT (Updated)

Jason Voorhees is back. Again.

Hey! Remember when the Friday the 13th franchise got a reboot back in 2009?

Don't worry. Most other peope don't, either.

It can be a tricky thing, finding a way to make a classic horror brand relevant to the modern day. Some transition easily, but Jason hasn't been so lucky.

In fairness, the Friday plot (kids go to camp, serial killer uses a machete on all of them) can have diminishing returns. Jason went to hell in 1993, and was gone until 2001 when he went to #$@ing SPACE, and he was still feeling pretty darn stale. So it's not a real surprise that the very straight, by-the-numbers 2009 reboot made decent money, but didn't ultimately carry with general audiences or longtime fans.

But it's 2014. That's five years, which is a Hollywood eternity these days. Plus, the rights have reverted entirely back to Paramount. And that means Jason is getting re-re-rebooted. And this time, Paramount, apparently, has a different horror subgenre in mind -- found footage.

Now, wait! Take off the hockey mask and put down the machete. This is not necessarily bad news. First of all, there's the director they've tapped -- David Bruckner. If you're not familiar, he did a great found-footage short for the first V/H/S movie called Amateur Night. It was a very simple concept executed very effectively.

Secondly, found footage can work, provided it's used in moderation. One hopes the more Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity fare can be cast aside in favor of something more like The Conjuring, which utilizes faux-documentary filmmaking within a more standard cinematic shell.

But, regardless, something's gotta give to make Friday the 13th relevant and profitable again. Found footage may well be it. It's popular and it's cheap. The only real question is -- will you go see it?

The NEW new Friday the 13th is set to debut on Friday, March 13, 2015.

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