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May 26, 2006

'It's Friday, and I'm heading off to a scifi con, and desperately trying to avoid work, so I'm gonna post about some silly news today.

1) Some cops in the UK raided a guy's house, and found...a BatLeth. Yes, the Klingon weapon that is actually cool and a bit frightening. It was real, with a metal blade and everything. KePLAH.

2) You may have heard of the NunBun, a muffin with the likeness of Mother Teresa in it? It's yet another example of dumb religious pareidolia. Anyway, it was on display at a coffeeshop (bizarrely, owned by a Jewish guy) when it was stolen. Well, the perp evidently sent the owner a picture of the purloined pastry in a letter. The only thing in the letter besides the picture were the words-- and I love this-- "Guess where?". There is a $5000 reward for the bun, et or alive.

3) The face of an alien has been seen in a duck's X-ray. Yeah, more pareidolia, but I think the most interesting aspect of this is that someone took an X-ray of a duck's gizzard.

Must be a slow news day.'

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