Someone put a life-sized Jason Voorhees statue at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota just to mess with people

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Feb 28, 2018, 4:33 PM EST

Crystal Lake isn't the only body of water you have to fear now because someone thought it would be hilarious to place a life-size statue of Jason Voorhees — the hockey-mask-wearing, machete-carrying baddie of the Friday the 13th films — at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota. The lake in question is apparently very popular with divers, making it the ideal place for such a horrific prank. 

In the following videos, you can get a glimpse of the figure, which was submerged at a depth of 120 feet. Making things more accurately gruesome, it's been down there awhile, which means ol' Jason's accumulated some algae and suffered water deterioration all over his body. 

According to the second video, the statue was planted at the bottom of the lake in 2013, so he's just been chillin' down there for five years now.

In the films, Jason was born in the town of Crystal Lake, which contained the eponymous lake where he (and his mother, Pamela) would later haunt, terrorize, and murder sexually active, camp-going teenagers. Born with physical abnormalities and mental disabilities, Jason drowned after being tormented by a group of campers at Camp Crystal Lake, where his mother worked as a cook.

The camp closed as a result of his death, but was re-opened several times. Pamela killed a bunch of counselors, blaming them for her son's death, but he somehow came back to life and began engaging in his own form of mass murder. Over the course of 12 cult-hit movies, he's murdered almost 150 people.

If you're a mega-fan of the franchise, you're in luck: The real camp featured in the film — located in Hardwick, New Jersey — is opening to the public. No word yet if Jason is submerged in a lake there.