Friday the 13th spinoff could follow Creighton Duke as he hunts down Jason

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Jul 9, 2018, 1:30 PM EDT

Don’t buy your tickets just yet, but plans appear to be in the works for a Friday the 13th spinoff film that focuses on one character’s lifelong obsession with tracking down a certain hockey mask-wearing killer.

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday director Adam Marcus recently said in a withoutyourhead podcast interview that his production company is at work thinking up a spinoff storyline for Creighton Duke, the presumed-dead character who manages to take vengeance on Jason for murdering his girlfriend by stabbing Jason through the heart before Creighton succumbed (or so we thought) to injuries he sustained in the struggle.

In response to a Final Friday fan’s questioning of why Creighton had to die, Marcus revealed that what we saw on the screen didn’t definitively turn the lights out on the character for good,

“Creighton Duke didn’t die! There’s the answer,” said Marcus. “…The way I shot it was to give you this kind of moment of, like, ‘Oh, no!’ — but honestly…he exhales, but you don’t really see the light go out of his eyes…And to that end, my new production company, Skeleton Crew, is basically doing something to resurrect Creighton Duke as a standalone character.”

Marcus didn’t elaborate on how Duke might turn up again, but he did assure fans that no project involving the tormented bounty hunter would move forward unless original Creighton Duke actor Steven Williams (IT, iZombie) can reprise the role he first played in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday.

“By the way, when I say ‘resurrecting the character,’ I mean resurrecting it with Steven Willliams,” said Marcus. “They are one and the same.” 

Casting Williams for Final Friday, said Marcus, was an absolute no-brainer in the first place. “I have never seen someone crush a reading like this guy did,” he explained. ”His sense of humor was so extraordinary; his eyes are so penetrating. It was one of the quickest decisions I’ve ever made as a director…It was like the clouds lifted when he walked in the room.”

With one major Friday the 13th appearance, Duke’s backstory is rather mysterious. He became obsessed with exacting vengeance after Jason attacked the then-teenaged Duke and his girlfriend while canoeing on Crystal Lake, even becoming a bounty hunter in order to learn the ropes as he set out on his lifelong hunt for the masked terror. 

While a Duke-based spinoff definitely sounds intriguing, and would help stoke Friday the 13th with new life after an extended big-screen hiatus, it’s obviously still in the earliest of stages. Stay tuned for any new info on what might become the next installment in one of the slasher genre’s most durable franchises.