Friday the 13th: The Game has new content slashed due to messy lawsuit from original screenwriter

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Jun 12, 2018, 9:40 AM EDT

Friday the 13th is certainly unlucky for this particular video game. Due to a lawsuit from the screenwriter of the original 1980 classic slasher flick on which it is based, Friday the 13th: The Game will no longer be able to add new content, according to a press release from Gun Media.

Screenwriter Victor Miller launched a legal battle last summer to reclaim the rights for the original movie which he believes belong to him, prompting a dispute between himself and others who disagree.

"As many in our community may be aware, a legal claim has been made which could affect all future Friday the 13th intellectual property," a statement from Gun Media began. "Until the claim rights can be dismissed or resolved, no new content can be released." 

Still, the final resolution of the court case has yet to be decided, so there might be some life in Jason Voorhees yet. The game is said to have built up a loyal fan base over the past year, so here’s hoping there can be some decision reached that keeps Miller happy, and lets Gun Media continuing producing content for the game and its fans.

While the game won’t be able to offer any new content, the makers have said they remain committed to launching dedicated servers on their console platforms as well as providing the continued maintenance and bug fixing important to supporting their players.

The original movie directed by Sean S. Cunningham was conceived to cash in on the success of John Carpenter’s Halloween, which had been a surprise hit a few years prior. The franchise became hugely successful, and lucrative, triggering a slew of movies, novels, comic books, video games and a TV series.

So let's hope that with all of the Jason material doing the rounds out there, this messy lawsuit gets wrapped up soon. Or perhaps they could just settle it over a friendly game of hockey? 

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