Sexy True Blood pics, Blade Runner, Legos, Star Wars and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

As the weather warms, so follows the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week they're downright sizzling! Click through for sexy True Blood posters, behind-the-scenes Blade Runner Polaroids, Wonder Woman's pants, drunk SF, and ... Bane!

Our story: Could these 3 new True Blood posters possibly be any sexier?

Your best comment: To answer your question - Yes. You have confused sexiness with skankiness — Tom Black

Our story: 5 stunning behind-the-scenes Polaroids from the Blade Runner set

Your best comment: They're rarely seen, they're from one of the classics of American cinema, and they look beautiful (particularly 2, 3, 5).

It's like hearing an alternate Beatle track. The one you know is better. But there's something charming about hearing the mess-ups, seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff that went into making something so excellent, so memorable. — Mickey

Our story: So what was Wonder Woman's final costume going to look like anyway?

Your best comment: Nice photo of Wonder Woman and an Observer. — redskull

Our story: The most epic Star Wars LEGO diorama you will ever see

Your best comment: I'm surprised that people are pointing out the Clone Troopers mixed in but not what appears to be Darth Maul standing behind Palps and Vader. — Ben

Our story: 18 sci-fi drunk scenes funnier than anything you'll see in Hangover 2

Your best comment: What about that great one in season one where Londo is throwing a party, declares he's stunning in purple, and collapses on the banquet table.

Vir: "He's become one with his inner self!"
Garabaldi: "He's passed out."
Vir: "That too." — Crusade2267

Our story: Who will be the ONE new mutant in the X-Men: First Class sequel?

Your best comment: Are we discussing a new mutant or a New Mutant? What's the difference? It's like the difference between a blue berry and a blueberry. But seriously, my guess is Polaris. Vaughn hinted that this mutant would be Magneto's equal. He has also said the next movie would take place in the 70's. Polaris is Magneto's daughter and has magnetic powers similar to her father's. — wholuvsya

Our story: Weird chants! First Pic of Bane! Dark Knight Rises site is live!

Your best comment: I think this is a cool pic but the actor in real life is pretty short so they'll have to give him KISS boots to make him taller. — Carnage

Our story: Infographic: TWO major sci-fi blockbuste​rs lose their directors

Your best comment: The main problem with studios is they buy a product because it already have a built in audience. The problem then comes is that they assume they are smarter, wiser and cooler then the people who originally wrote it so they should "fix" all the problems.

End result is something that the original fans don't want to see because it is too far from the source and the general population doesn't want to see it because they figure it is too "fanboy". — Tokrath

Our story: Lucas reveals 50 hours of live-action Star Wars TV has already been filmed

Your best comment: Can it just be 50 hours of Darth Vader kicking butt? I'd watch that. — MetalPause

Our story: If you're waiting for Jurassic Park 4, Sam Neill says you can stop

Your best comment: So, he's saying there's a chance? — Jasonicus

Our story: Tron director gets $100 million AND Tom Cruise for next movie

Your best comment: If they could only get Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves to star in movies together, it would reduce by half the number of movies I automatically refuse to see! — themoirae

Our story: Problems could postpone Star Trek 2 premiere by SIX months

Your best comment: They are trying to be sure they give me a superior role in this one. I say hold the movie another 8 months! JJ's Star Trek is the only good Star Trek. — Kahn

Our story: 10 wacky sci-fi-themed public service health announcements

Your best comment: I saw almost all of these growing up and they made an impact. I don't smoke, I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, I exercise regularly, my cholesterol is great, I don't have asthma and I don't hit things with my head. I am, however, addicted to heroin because not a single one of my Saturday morning cartoon idols did a PSA about shooting up. — Zaphod

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