Frightening but funny video warns how BSG could ruin your life

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

Portlandia is a sketch-comedy show on the Independent Film Channel about hipster life in Portland, Ore. You might not have heard of it. But the creators of Portlandia have certainly heard of Battlestar Galactica.

Characters Doug (Fred Armisen, Saturday Night Live) and Claire (Carrie Brownstein, singer, Sleater-Kinney) play a couple who choose to play Battlestar before attending a party. This derails their plans for the evening ... and beyond. Since we know how addictive Battlestar was (especially the first two seasons), we found the rest of the skit to be funny because it's true.

Except for the part where they start watching the first episode (45 minutes) without having seen the two-part mini-series (180 minutes) beforehand. (Hey, we're geeky enough to notice these details.)

We particularly liked the line "It's not just regular science fiction. It's actually good."

Oh, and for people new to Portlandia, we recommend the catchy intro to the first episode called "The Dream of the '90s."

(via NYMag)