Watch Fringe cast share which episodes freaked them out most

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Though it's evolved into everything from a battle against an alternate dimension to a full-on war for the future of humanity, Fox's Fringe is likely most beloved for its truly freaky freaks of the week. With the final season winding down, the cast has opened up about which baddie-of-the-week actually made them a little sick.

The folks over at TV Line got each major cast member on camera at the recent wrap party and posed the question to everyone from Anna Torv (Olivia) to John Noble (Walter Bishop).

Torv is apparently a classicist, and harkened back to the series' wild pilot as the moment that weirded her out the most. The episode thrust viewers into the freaky world of Fringe via a plane crash where everyone gruesomely dies because of a biological agent,

Beloved sidekick Jasika Nicole (Astrid) apparently developed a fear of butterflies following the season-one episode "The Dreamscape," where killer butterflies attack a Massive Dynamic employee, forcing him to leap headlong out of a skyscraper window.

The rest of the picks are pretty good, as well, and some are a little surprising.

Sadly, the video can't be embedded, but head over to TV Line to check it out.

What are your favorite freaky moments from Fringe?

(Via TV Line)