Fringe looks to the future at Comic-Con: "A film is very possible"

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Dec 17, 2012

Sunday morning, the cast of Fringe appeared at their final Comic-Con panel. The hour was filled with excitement and emotion as fans prepared to say goodbye. But before they bid adieu, the cast gave us some much-needed hope. Could a Fringe movie be on the horizon?

A brave fan asked the cast whether Fringe would continue in another format (i.e., a comic or an animated series). John Noble stepped in and gave an answer that left the crowd reeling. "I think anything is possible ... I would think a film is very possible."

From there, Joshua Jackson interjected with some humor, saying, "But unfortunately it would be shot on this [picks up a flipcam] by us." The audience laughed, but deep down they were really excited about the prospect of a movie.

As for the last 13 episodes of the final season, writer and producer J.H. Wyman revealed that he just figured out how the show will end a few months ago.

"I had ideas since season one," said Wyman. "But those change.Truthfully, I have two and a half versions of what I kind of thought we should do for the end. And I sort of decided maybe three months ago. I knew this was the way ... and that's what you're going to get."

Once again, Jackson added a quip: "Whether you like it or not!"

They also revealed a special trailer that featured footage that the actors shot specifically for Comic-Con. Season five hasn't begun production, so the majority of the scenes were given to them out of context. You can watch it below.

Fringe returns Sept. 28.

How do you think it will all end? Would you want to see Fringe: The Movie?