Major development to Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova series

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The guy who gave us our first looks at Fox's Fringe and NBC's Journeyman is now set to take us back to the prehistoric past in Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova, according to Entertainment Weekly.

That's Alex Graves we're talking about, who was just hired to direct the series' highly anticipated debut episode. Graves, who was also responsible for the pilot episode of The Nine and was executive producer of The West Wing, will help fling a family from 100 years in the future back to the prehistoric era.

The series has already received a 13-episode commitment from Fox, and filming will likely begin in Australia at the end of the summer.

Entertainment Weekly, which has gotten its hands on a script for Terra Nova, describes what they've seen as follows:

The scene: a large group of settlers are preparing to leave the apocalyptic world they live in to time travel back millions of years via a massive, high-tech contraption. Their goal is to see trees, enjoy a blue sky, eat real food—basically, to start over in this so-called Eden. But what they find is unlike anything they were expecting.

We look forward to seeing what Graves does with that concept once he gets his Fringe-y fingers all over it.

Are you looking forward to Terra Nova?

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