Peter and Olivia's daughter is in danger in latest Fringe S5 promo

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Dec 17, 2012

Peter and Olivia can't catch a break. In the latest promo for Fringe season five, their pride and joy is in danger. The Observers are coming, and they've set their sights set on Etta—their daughter.

Peter and Olivia have been plagued with bad luck ever since they met. At the end of last season, Olivia discovered she was pregnant. And in a future-set episode, we met the adult version of her daughter. Unfortunately, we missed out on Etta's entire childhood.

This promo gives us an idea of what she was like as a kid and where it all went wrong. Her last moment of happiness was a sunny afternoon with her parents. After that, all hell broke loose. Peter and Olivia just couldn't keep the pasty men in fedoras at bay.

Watch the new Fringe promo, "Etta," below:

Fringe returns for its fifth and final season Sept. 28 on Fox at 9. p.m.

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