Fringe star explains [REDACTED]'s heartbreaking death

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Dec 17, 2012

The folks behind Fringe aren't pulling any punches this season, and the series' shortened swan song broke some hearts Friday with a brutal death to a regular member of the cast. So what happened—and why did it have to go down this way? Spoilers ahead!

In the latest episode, Peter and Olivia's adult daughter Etta (Georgina Haig) bit (and became) the dust after being shot by an Observer, and with her dying breath vaporized the team of loyalists sent to retrieve her body.

Though Haig wouldn't comment on the final season's long game, she did say she believes Etta's story got a proper (albeit abrupt) sendoff.

She told TV Line:

"Before she dies, there's a moment of peace, almost like a relaxation, as she's thinking about how she has finally been loved - and she doesn't care that Windmark can see that, so she lets her guard down.

To be loved is the most basic of human needs, after food and shelter. And while she has had support through her life, and she's had Simon [as a partner], it's just not the same. She never felt really loved until she reunited with [her parents]. And that's what makes her death peaceful in a way. She stops fighting [Windmark's thought-reading ] and let's that contentment wash over her.

I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is so sad!' And yet it's so brave of them to put these characters through that trauma in Episode 4, just a third of the way into the story. It's almost like an inciting incident."

What did you think of the decision to kill off Etta so quickly? Where is the series going next?

(Via TV Line)

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