Fringe star reveals what's next after last week's shocking ending

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

The final season of Fox's Fringe is still rolling along, and the writers threw out a massive shocker last week that could define the rest of the season. So what does star Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) have to say about it? Spoilers below!

After trying to match wits with the tech-enhanced future race of Observers, Peter finally had an inspiration last week—equip himself with some of that uber-tech and beat them at their own game.

But will it cost him his humanity?

It's an interesting twist that most didn't see coming, and with the poor guy still reeling from the death of his daughter, you have to wonder how far off the reservation he might go. Dealing with a shortened season in the final year, it seems the writers are mercifully skipping right to the good stuff.

Here's what Jackson told TV Line about how his new hybrid skills will affect his relationship with his family:

"He's not in a good place. He's doing exactly the thing he promised both Walter and Olivia that he wasn't going to do, to abandon them and be hell-bent on avenging the death of his daughter ... You realize that Peter, as we know him, is very rapidly slipping away."
Check out the full interview below:

A new episode of Fringe airs this Friday on Fox.

(Via TV Line)