Fringe's Jackson was THIS close to playing 2 iconic Trek roles

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Jan 22, 2013, 10:19 PM EST (Updated)

After five seasons as the co-leading man on Fox's Fringe, Joshua Jackson has solidified himself as a star player in J.J. Abrams' stable of actors. But did you know he almost popped up in Abrams' Star Trek reboot first, which is how he got on Abrams' radar to begin with?

Yes, Jackson auditioned to play both the new Capt. James T. Kirk and Leonard "Bones" McCoy, roles that eventually went to Chris Pine and Karl Urban. But it was that audition that apparently got Abrams interested in working with Jackson, which led to his casting in the now-iconic role of Peter Bishop.

Jackson revealed the tidbit in a great interview over at TV Guide:

"I had gone out for Star Trek. I had gone and auditioned for both Kirk and Bones and maybe that was the thing that put me into their mind. Knowing J.J. peripherally long before that -- I am really close friends with a guy named Scott Foley, who was in Felicity -- so I just happened to be there right around the beginning of J.J.'s TV career. I'd known him off and on through all those years so I think maybe he already had a pretty good idea of who I was."

It's interesting to wonder what could've been, but it's hard to imagine Jackson in either of those Trek roles. But he's a perfect fit for the (hopefully) world-saving antihero of Fringe.


Do you think Jackson could've pulled off playing the young Capt. Kirk?

(Via TV Guide)