Fringe's Jasika Nicole promises we'll learn about Astrid. Next year

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Jasika Nicole, who plays Astrid Farnsworth on Fox's sci-fi series Fringe, told SCI FI Wire that the show's writers have promised to explore her character's backstory in future episodes—though likely not before the end of the first season. Astrid is an FBI agent who works as Walter Bishop's (John Noble) lab assistant and usually serves basic mechanical functions like hooking up electrodes and monitors.

"They've been working on that for a really long time, and they want to make sure that it's perfect," Nicole said in a phone interview last week. "That's why we haven't seen it yet. So I'm hoping that it's going to come in season two. We will not get that episode in season one, but I'm pretty sure that it will happen in season two, and I can't wait to find out what's in it, let me tell you."

Nicole chatted more about her character's backstory and the upcoming season finale. The following Q&A features edited excerpts of our exclusive interview with Nicole. Fringe airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (Possible spoilers ahead!)

So they are planning to explore Astrid's backstory?

Nicole: Yeah, absolutely. She's not supposed to be ancillary to the show. She's supposed to be important, and I think that they are trying to milk everybody's stories out as long as they possibly can. Charlie [Kirk Acevedo] didn't get his episode, where you get to see a little bit more about him and his life and what he goes home to, until, what was it, like two weeks ago? So I'm sure that it will come. I just don't know exactly when.

Anyone who hooked up with Walter must have an interesting life.

Nicole: Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm sure she has so many great stories to tell that aren't ever even aired in the actual episodes.

Walter goes missing in the season finale. Will Astrid be looking for him?

Nicole: Well, everybody will be looking for him. It's more about who finds him. Actually, it's more about who helps him escape or who helps get him out of the lab, which is the real fascinating part of it. I can't wait for you to see it. Yeah, everybody is looking for Walter, but since Astrid doesn't leave the lab, I figure that she's there in case he comes back. She can notify the proper authorities if she stays in the lab waiting for him to come back home. ...

Will they really answer questions in the finale? Shows like this always tease us.

Nicole: Yeah, they do answer questions, which opens up more doors for questioning, as you are very familiar with. There are actually a couple of really big answers in the season finale which shed light on, like, one million other questions. The answers that you get are super-satisfying, but they just make you want to know even more. You get to get some really good information about Peter [Joshua Jackson] and what's his deal, because there are all these allusions during the entire season about Peter was sick as a boy, and there's something special about him, but you don't really know what it is. Well, you get to find out in the finale, and it's pretty fantastic. ...

There's an episode on spontaneous combustion. Will that relate to Olivia's childhood power?

Nicole: I have to choose my words carefully. It's very possible. It'll be something that will be up for debate, I think, kinda like everything else. ...

What's going on for Astrid in the season-two episode they've already shot?

Nicole: It's really funny. I would imagine that in every actor's brain that's been working on the show, all of the episodes mix up together. I remember the other day I was talking to someone about an episode, and I had intertwined, like, three episodes and two monsters and five deaths. They were like, "What are you talking about? I don't remember that episode." It was, like, half the season that I put into one episode, it was so funny. So trying to separate the last episode that we shot from the finale, oh, my God. I can't tell you. I'm sorry, my brain has been Fringed out.