Fringe's Observer delivers a chilling warning in new viral PSA

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Dec 17, 2012

The Observer is back with another uncomfortable announcement. This time, Captain Windmark hides his threats under a monologue about the dos and don'ts of traveling.

The first PSA was all about Cerebral Scan Protocol. If you mess up, your brain gets wiped. For round two, Windmark waits a good 40 seconds before reintroducing the torture technique. In the future, the Observers rule over everyone with an iron fist. Something as simple as a vacation can turn into a complete nightmare.

Natives must stay in their designated living quadrants and carry the proper identification at all times. Every so often they're allowed short trips between adjacent quadrants. This only occurs if you're given authorization and have the proper papers. If you don't,well, brain scan for you!

Fringe returns Friday, Sept. 28, on Fox.