Fringe's season finale gets an epic, spoilery full-length trailer

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Krystal Clark
Dec 14, 2012

Fox is pulling out all the stops for the third season finale of Fringe. A traditional 30-second preview just wouldn't do, so they had to take it a step further. The network has released a two-minute theatrical trailer that features tons of new footage and some mild spoilers (if you look close enough).

In last week's episode [*spoilers ahead*!], Peter stepped into the "world-destroying" machine and woke up in a future plagued by chaos. Seriously, it vaguely resembled the world Kyle Reese spoke about in the Terminator movies. In the final episode, Olivia looks more jaded than usual, Walter looks crazier than ever, someone's given Astrid a flat iron, and Broyles appears to be blind in one eye. What the heck happened?

One thing's for sure, Walternate is not happy to see his son. It looks like Peter's entrance into the machine destroyed the other world, which begs the question, how is Walternate still alive? Knowing him, he probably had an escape plan just in case things didn't go his way. He really is a slippery individual, isn't he?

The season finale of Fringe airs on Friday, May 6, at 9 p.m. on Fox.

How do you think it will all end?

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